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We’re a small, Italian chilli food company based in Stanwick (Northants) which encourages people to embrace and experiment with chillies from the growing to the cooking.

Peperoncino epitomises the character of Southern Italian food where the chilli is omnipresent. Fun to prepare, eat and always a talking point.

Peperoncino is unconventional and experimental whilst building on tradition.
The only serious thing about Peperoncino is it’s use of top-quality ingredients.

Starting from the chillies.

What does Peperoncino mean?

Peperoncino (pronounced peh-peh-ron-chino) means‘hot little pepper’ in Italian.

What we do

At Peperoncino, we believe in enjoying food and, as part of that, think that growing some of your own ingredients is both satisfying and good for you (body and soul).

We specialise in chillies from Italy and offer the following to mention a few:

Exclusive chilli seeds from ‘Franchi Sementi’. The greatest seed company in Italy.
Chilli plants grown for your pleasure in terracotta pots.
Fresh chillies from the fiery ‘Etna’ (see picture!) to the delicious ‘Padron’.
Spicy Italian foods from pasta to pesto, all with a hint of authentic Italian chillies

Some History

Chillies have long been used in the Far East and are now strongly associated with that part of the world. It is, however, mostly unknown that chillies came to Europe over 500 years ago and only then made their way to countries like India!

Of all the nations that embraced the use of chilli in Europe, Italy was (and still is) at the forefront. This is testament to the ability of Italian cuisine to be steadfast in its gastronomic traditions whilst embracing exciting new ingredients all the time. The blending of culinary styles from around the world (aka ‘fusion’) is hardwired into the DNA of Italian cuisine.

Peperoncino wants to celebrate the great Italian tradition of growing and cooking with chillies by supplying the very best authentic seeds, growing the healthiest plants and offering the most delicious Italian spicy gourmet foods in the UK.

All of this with a devilish twinkle in the eye.

After all, everyone loves a hot Italian!


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